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The 15th Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition

The world famous brand support Tight with textile industry recovery, on June 14 to 17, 2011 was held at Shanghai new international expo center of the 15th Shanghai international exhibition on textile industry (hereinafter referred to as "ShanghaiTex 2011") under the strong market demand at home and abroad, the booth reservation speed is accelerated, the current situation, because the enterprise overwhelming response, "knitting and hosiery machine zone" stand for nearly sold out, in addition to the registration of overseas well-known enterprises: Italy, Tony, German stoll, Germany's roots - beckett, Singapore horse machinery (tianjin), Conti Complett S.P.A, shima seiki closed, south star industrial machinery, ningbo yu people also have been identified. Besides "knitting and hosiery machine zone", the other zone also won many well-known supplier support, such as "printing, dyeing, finishing machinery and textile chemicals zone" are: Hong Kong lixin, metis, Germany, Denmark danfoss gofront, Germany, Italy and assist in, etc. "Spinning, nonwovens and industrial cloth machinery zones" are: dongtai mazzoli, savio, etc. "Warp knitting machine, embroidery machine and weaving machine zone" include: jocob muller, runyuan, Karl Mayer, etc. Textile machinery exports in addition, China's customs statistics further confirmed the situation of the well-known enterprises at home and abroad warmly to participate in the exhibition: knitting machinery exports was $217 million, accounted for 28%, ranked first, the other rank of auxiliary equipment and spare parts, printing and dyeing and finishing machinery, chemical machinery, spinning, weaving, nonwoven machinery and weaving preparation, etc., including weaving preparation machinery year-on-year growth of 226%. The popularity of ShanghaiTex 2011 is obvious. The latest technology "ShanghaiTex" is designed to promote textile trade and technology through its exhibition platform. This year, in order to further improve and showcase the latest technology of the textile industry, the organizers will cooperate with industry leaders to hold fashion shows during the same period. The famous exhibitors who participated in the show were: stoller, Germany, a professional manufacturer of knitting equipment with more than 135 years' history. Hong Kong cuhk - first - class European textile machinery brand agent; Saint Tony, Italy -- one of the leaders of the world seamless knitting mechanism; Japan island precision machine, one of the leading manufacturers of computer flat machines in the world, will join hands to present a fashion show to showcase the latest development results for the industry. Since the first run in 1984, Shanghai international textile industry exhibition stands for 30 years, China is China's oldest, with advanced management of national brand textile exhibition, further strengthening in the development of textile industry pioneer status. "ShanghaiTex 2011" is expected to cover more than 92,000 square meters and more than 1,000 local and overseas exhibitors will attend. At the same time, the exhibition will set up 5 theme areas to provide buyers with a one-stop shopping and communication platform. "ShanghaiTex 2011" is co-sponsored by Shanghai textile holding co., LTD., Shanghai branch of China international trade promotion committee and Shanghai chamber of commerce of China international chamber of commerce. Organized by Shanghai international exhibition co., LTD., Shanghai textile technology service exhibition center and elegant exhibition service co., LTD.


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