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STH Series Stenter Machine
1. Application: Warp knit, Woven, Long pile fabric
2. Working width: 1800mm-3600mm
3. Chambers: 4-12 chambers
4. Heating system: Natural Gas, Thermal Oil, Steam
5. Fabric entry: Vertical entry device
6. Padder: Inclined Padder
7. Operation platform: Manual Operation platform, Touch Screen Platform
8. Tracing device: Infra red tracing device
9. Uncurler: 4 fingers uncurler device
10. Pin chain, Clip chain
11. Individual driving chain
12. Cabinet: Standard Electrical Cabinet, Air Condition Electrical Cabinet
13. Online monitor system
14. Option: Photo-electrical weft straightener, V shape steam box , Selvedge Gumming and Cutting Device.


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